The Sudanese Military Intelligence forces attacked on May 13th, the village of Hajar  Jawad 18 km inside the government holding areas. The village is south of Dilleng, the second largest city in Southern Kordofan/Nuba Mountains. Witnesses informed Rights for Peace that one civilian was killed and at least 37 peoples were injured during the attack, one of them has serious injuries and had been referred to Alobied Hospital in Northern Kordofan. The 25 years old Musa Abu Alkalam was beaten and then shot dead. He was disabled; therefore he could not runaway or protect himself.

On the morning of last Saturday 100 heavy armed Sudanese army forces attacked the people in the Hajar Jawad. The army searched the village house to house while beating women and girls with batons which caused serious injuries. The houses were looted and peoples were intimidated and prevented from leaving the village. The armed forces was led by lieutenant -colonel Sulieman Albahi, who imposed full siege around the village for hours and closed the highway leading to the area and connecting Kadugli and Dilleng. The village Makk ( Local Chief) went to speak to the lieutenant- colonel after the attack while the army was closing the roads to the village, the Makk asked the army leader to end the raid because they are just civilians, and their village is under the government holding areas. The lieutenant- colonel Albahi informed  the Makk  that he is from the tribe of Reziagat , an Arabic tribe from Darfur, and said to the Makk in warning tone:” I was deployed here from Darfur, I had already exterminated three areas there, and I have orders to burn this area. So this is a warning to your sons and men fighting alongside the PLM/N over there (he pointed to the west toward the SPLM/N holding areas). You inform them to come here to fight us.”

The situation in the Sudanese government holding areas:

The army forces left the village by the end of the day, but this is not the end of the suffering of the people of Hajar Jawad or the other villages under the government control in Nuba Mountains. The civilians in Hajar Jawad and the villages around Dilleng are suffering from food embargo and they have been living under military siege for the last three years. The Sudanese Armed Forces ( SAF) accused the peoples in these areas of sympathizing with the SPLM/N fighters because of their ethnicity as Nuba. SAF established searching points in the roads from Kadugli to Delling and through areas around Dilleng. Civilians are not allowed to buy or carry necessary supplies from the big cities of Kadugli or Dilleng to their villages, no tea or sugar is allowed to enter these areas. No civilian is allowed to enter his village carrying more than one pound of sugar. One of the Hajar Jawad peoples said:” sometimes we spend weeks where you cannot find one pound of sugar in the whole village.” The Sudanese government violations in the areas under its control in Nuba Mountains had been out of the focus from local and international human rights organizations. But the difficulty to these areas has been the main reason for the world’s ignorance of the catastrophe of the Nuba people living inside the government holding areas .

The area of Nuba Mountains had been a conflict zone for the last 3 decades. The Sudanese Peoples Liberation Movement had led the insurgent in the area since the 1980s alongside the Southern Sudanese. The peoples of Nuba Mountains are fighting to claim equal citizenship and end of discrimination based on their African ethnicity and different religion. Sudan is controlled by the Arab /Muslim groups who denied equal rights to the other ethnicities. This situation led to 50 years of conflicts temporarily ended in 2005, when the SPLM signed peace agreement with the government, but the peace did not hold. 6 years later the Southern Sudanese voted for secession and the Nuba Mountains entered a new war with the government in June 2011. The Sudanese government led by fundamental Islamic groups and military generals is accused of committing genocide and ethnic cleansing in Darfur. The Sudanese president Omer AL Bashir with other leaders of his government is indicted by the International Criminal Court of crimes against humanity, genocide and war crimes since 2009-2010. International human rights groups had accused the Sudanese government of committing war crimes in Nuba Mountains in the current war.