“We are committed to the mission of the International Criminal Court, because it remains the only open window of hope for justice and reparation for the Sudanese victims of genocide and war crimes. We hope the international community would realize soon enough that war criminals can never be peace makers.”

Rights for Peace Foundation

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Vision: To internalize human rights and justice as the main pillars of sustainable peace and stability in Sudan.


  • Promote human rights and especially the right to access justice.
  • Fight impunity at all levels and reclaim the victim’s dignity and their rights to the truth about gross human rights violation included war crimes and the actions of Genocide.
  • Empower local communities through raising their awareness and engage them in the fight against injustice and impunity.
  • Support the mission of the International Criminal Court in seeking justice and hunting war criminals around the world, especially in the case against the Sudanese war criminals.
  • Monitor, document and report the continuous actions of Genocide and war crimes in the conflict regions of Sudan.
  • Encourage Sudanese governmental and non-governmental institutions to adopt the strategies of transitional justice; included establishing truth and reconciliation commissions to bring sustainable peace

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